EC120 COLIBRI 2018-01-28T22:03:11+00:00


CREW : 1


TOP SPEED : 278km/h

RANGE : 710km



Airbus Helicopter EC 120

The Eurocopter, now Airbus Helicopter EC 120 Colibri, is a five-seat, single-engine, light helicopter.

Adding to the helicopter’s functionality is a panoramic view through its expansive glass windscreen and side windows, providing unmatched visibility for all those aboard.





Safety & Technology

The EC120B Colibri is a single-engine multimission helicopter, designed for safe, simple, and cost-effective operations. It incorporates several of Eurocopter’s trademarked technologies, those of prominence are the Speriflex main rotor head and the eight bladed fenestron anti-torque tail rotor; these have been partially credited with contributing to the rotorcraft’s noise signature, which is 6-7 decibels below International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) limits.

Passenger Cabin:

helicopter that comfortably seats the pilot and four passengers in a wide, unobstructed cabin. In addition to an exceptionally low vibration level, passengers appreciate the EC120’s ample leg room and air conditioned environment.

Baggage Compartment Dimensions:

Height 55 cm., front width 85 cm, rear width 75 cm, left side lenght 95 cm, right side length 110 cm.